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The Advantages of Using Mast Lifts

Jan 1

Construction, maintenance, and facility improvements provide a variety of challenges, especially in tight spaces and in places that are already functioning.   The current infrastructure may prevent access to a critical region. Task completion might be hampered by the usage of many types of equipment. People in high-traffic areas also require operators to move slowly in order to stay productive while remaining discreet, allowing people to use those areas without interruption. A vertical mast lift is one solution for addressing each of these issues. 

What is a Vertical Mast Lift?

Vertical mast lift units are designed to work in congested production areas with small aisles. These simple-to-operate lift platforms provide a safe option for challenging industrial overhead maintenance applications by combining a high lift, reach, and maneuverability.  Mast lifts have a compact chassis that allows them to work both indoors and outdoors. They are extremely maneuverable, making them perfect for use in tight locations such as offices, retail stores, hotels, public buildings, or packed industrial aisles where a regular scissor or boom lift would be ineffective. They are also typically equipped with non-marking tyres, which protect floor finishes.

Using a Mast Lift has its Benefits

Vertical Mast Lifts are Smaller 

Vertical masts are much smaller than horizontal masts, making them easier to reach and handle in compact locations. Vertical mast lifts can fit into personnel elevators because its overall size is 24–29 percent smaller than typical scissor lifts, and their greater maneuverability is due to a 0 in inside turning radius. The lift can be shrunk to its smallest size when not in use because it takes up the tiniest floor area and increases storage space.  Although a vertical mast lift is usually the smallest aerial work platform on a job site, it is also the most adaptable.

Easy to Transport and Store

Vertical mast lifts offer portability and ease of storage. Because of its compact size and easy maneuverability, this kind of mast lift can easily go around small and difficult areas that regular scissor lifts and boom lifts cannot access. Also, when mast lifts are not in use, storing it is a no-fuss deal! You can park it in tiny spaces or leave it in larger storage areas, where you can save more storage space. 

Mast Lifts have More Reach than Regular Scissor Lifts

When facilities become difficult to handle, a vertical mast lift can help meet high-reaching maintenance needs. The vertical mast lift can pass through normal doorways, between tight racking, and other infrastructure-obstructed places. This sort of lift can be used to replace stairwells, ladders, or temporary podiums that are currently being used to offer access to workers. A mast lift platform made of aluminum alloy can even work around obstructions that a scissor lift can't.

Poses Less Risk at the Work Site

These lifts also have lower platform entrance heights and less weights. Vertical masts are up to 39% lighter than classic scissor lifts due to their compact dimensions and lower platform heights. Operators may load supplies and enter the lift platform more easily and safely than with a standard scissor lift because to the low platform entrance height.

Choose Vertical Mast Lifts

Vertical mast lifts are multifunctional and provide a great way to get to hard-to-reach regions for maintenance. While they do offer a versatile option, important factors such as platform height and weight restrictions must be taken into account. The best way to choose the right vertical mast lift for your specific industrial and construction requirments is to consult a reputable access hire contractor in Melbourne. Eastern Access Group Melbourne offers not just vertical mast lifts but also manlifts, knuckle boom lifts, scissor lifts, and mounted boom lifts. Their access hire fleet is regularly maintained and always kept up to the latest safety standards to ensure quality workmaship and operator safety.